About Us and Our Team

Gioia Engelbrecht Incorporated is a dynamic law firm which provides professional legal services to its clients. We place a premium on building personal relationships with our clients to fully understand their needs. We believe that making personal connections with clients is key to a successful long-standing professional relationship.

Services We Provide

Our Unique Approach

What Makes Us Unique

Immediate Itemised Billing. We value your peace of mind and afford our clients the ability to contact our offices for immediate statements of account in order to enable accurate forecasting and budgeting for legal services.
Tailored Business Advice. Gioia Engelbrecht Inc. was established with a specific focus on servicing commercial businesses. Contact us for advice relating to commercial agreements, companies, labour, property or tax.
On Site Consultations. We want to see your business in action and understand your needs from the ground up in order to provide our tailored servicers. We visit our client on-site where possible in order to meet the people and see the business in action.
Simultaneously Specialised and Diverse. Our team is highly specialised and qualified in turn affording our clients a diverse range of services.
Digital Presence. We are available to our clients through conventional means as well as online in order to streamline response times and ensure ease of access to our services.

The Consultation Process

1. Initial Consulations

Kindly contact our offices for the opportunity to arrange for an initial consultation.

2. Assessment of the Matter

During our initial consultation we will understand your need and temper expectations by providing our initial insights on your matter and the fee framework according to which the matter will proceed.

3. Terms of Engagement

Upon receipt of instructions to proceed with the matter on your behalf we will furnish you with our terms of engagement for signature in order to ensure that you are satisfied with the basis of our engagement.

4. Formal Opinions or Taking of Instructions to Proceed

After being formally appointed and mandated to act on your behalf we will provide a formal opinion on your matter or take instructions to proceed where applicable.

5. Closing of Matters

We will continue to provide updates as your matter progresses and will close out the matter by providing a final invoice.

Contact Details


+ 27 (0)76 313 9480 (General)



214 Main Road, East Cliff, Hermanus.


The Workspace, Cnr Pinaster Avenue & 18th Street, Hazlewood, Pretoria, Gauteng


eugenio@geinc.co.za (Pretoria & Hermanus)